• High quality randori practice

    500 judoka from more than 20 countries
  • Beautiful scenery

  • Nothing feels better than a swim after hard training

    The sea is only 20 meters from the training tent

Crikvenica Summer Training Camp

We have first organized the summer training camp in Crikvenica in 2010 and this year it will open its doors for the 9th time to judoka from more than 20 countries from Europe and wider.

The camp is suitable for judoka above 12 years of age. The training sessions will be split into two groups, separate for children under 16 years of age and older. This year we expect over 500 judoka from more than 20 countries to be present.

The training sessions will take place under a large tent with 700 m2 of tatami. After a hard randori session, there is nothing better than a quick jump into the clear waters of the Adriatic sea, which is only 20 meters from the training tent.

The focus of the camp is on learning new technique through randori and instruction from great coaches such as Evgeny Lvov from Russia who will also be the camp leader. The second part of the camp is going to be focused on practicing kata under the leadership of Mr. Piero Comino and others.

During the summer camp, we will hold friendly competitions: a golden score tournament, a football tournament, and a Kata tournament.

On a day of rest, we will organize a boat trip for all the coaches and accompanying persons to one of the nearby islands, where you will be able to try the local cuisine and wines.

To register please fill out the entry form and send it back to us as soon as possible.

Welcome to Crikvenica.

Training camp programme and schedule

The training sessions will be split into two groups by age. The first group will be for Cadets (U18) and older, the second group will be for younger Cadets (U16) and younger.

The first part of the camp will be dedicated to learning new technique through practice and randori. The camp will be split into three microcycles of 3 to 4 training sessions each. The last two days will be dedicated to learning kata under Piero Comino from Italy, who is an acclaimed kata expert for the IJF.

During the camp, there will also be various friendly competitions organized. There will be a Golden Score tournament, a football tournament for athletes and coaches and last but not least a kata tournament on the last day of the camp.

Daily schedule:

07.00 - 08.15 Breakfast
08.30 - 10.30 Training - U18 and older
10.45 - 12.15 Training - U16 and younger
12.00 - 14.00 Lunch
16.00 - 17.30 Training - U16 and younger
17.30 - 19.30 Training - U18 and older
19.30 - 20.30 Dinner

You can download the entire programme here.


Participants will be accommodated in one of the two hostels or in nearby apartments. In your application, you may request your preferred accommodation but this is subject to change, as we have to wait for all of the applications to arrive before we can arrange the teams into rooms.

We will try our best to accommodate you according to your wishes however, this may not be possible. In any event, all of the accommodation facilities are within walking distance of the training tent. All facilities are near the sea and multiple convenience stores and restaurants.

Accommodation facilities

  • Hostel Stoimena is our main accommodation facility. It is situated approximately 1 km from the training tent. It is close to a beach and a convenience store. The hostel offers accommodation for around 200 people with its own restaurant.

    Hostel Stoimena Hostel Stoimena Hostel Stoimena

  • Hostel Karlovac offers accommodation for approximately 150 people. It is closest to the training tent.

    Hostel Karlovac Hostel Karlovac Hostel Karlovac

  • Please contact us before 1 July 2018 for availability and prices of accommodation in apartments.